Traust IT's portfolio consists of projects developed for its clients and also for Startups that have been accelerated or are in the process of accelerating.

Through partnerships, we help Startups to gain market space developing the necessary technological solutions.



White Rabbit is a trendsetting and foresight agency for co-creating desirable futures.


O Amor é Simples

Amor é Simples has a clear objective: to transform the wedding industry in Brazil through products and actions that value simplicity and love.


Toca de Aluguel - Mobile App

Find a lodging for your pet. Toca de Aluguel is a collaborative tool focused on hosting dogs, cats and other animals.

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Unite Solutions - Silos Thermometry - Mobile App

Mobile application for reading temperature of grain storage silos, through the control board developed by our partner Unigitital.

Map Gaúcha Startups Association

Be part of the largest network of startups in Rio Grande do Sul.


Prime Sail

A new approach to develop teamwork and leadership.


Milre Advance

ompany specialized in the sale of electronic locks, since 2005, for residential, commercial, corporate and hospitality use.


WOW Smart Homes

The house you live in is a reflection of your personality, it is where we have privacy, we feel safe and where we find comfort to relax after a long day at work. We believe that there are things in your home that could do more for you.



In partnership with PUCRS, SmartMap was developed, an application capable of showing the shortest paths from place to place within private environments - such as shopping malls, hospitals, museums and university campuses - through any device with internet access.


Startups accelerating by Traust IT

Chopp Fácil

Get the best beverage brands from local distributors for any event, anytime, anywhere!


Busque Músicos

Prepare your complete event without leaving your home and have access to the best artists and producers in your locality!

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CashGo Game

CashGogame is a powerful tool that will assist you in the process of attracting new potential customers and taking them directly into your store.



Do you have unused clothes in your wardrobe? We Closet is the best way to circulate them, earn extra money and even borrow a lot of cool stuff!



Uncomplicate your management by controlling your small and medium operations in this new, fast and easy application.



Eat well and pay little, all day long! Complete, quick and inexpensive meals wherever and whenever you need them


Startups aceleradas pela Traust IT

Guia de Terapeutas

Find the therapist closest to you! Certified holistic, integrative and traditional therapists. Consultations at home or in the therapy space. Quando e onde você quiser.